I hope Apple re-makes the 1997 Think Different ad to include Steve Jobs.  He's definitely among the group of people featured in that ad.

Personally and professionally, October 5, 2011 was a sad day.  The world lost an Einstein of our time.  Steve Jobs stood apart.  He was a genius.  He fundamentally understood what people wanted from technology before they did.  And he made that technology a reality, which forever changed our society for the better.

I didn't know Steve Jobs personally but, any of us who use Apple's products knows quite a bit.  His world view is manifested in the design of the tools that millions of us rely on and love.

The world has indeed lost a visionary and a person like no other.  Steve Jobs' legacy will live on because he didn't just create Apple, the company.  More importantly, he created Apple, the culture -both within Apple's campus and all over our planet.

Here's the 1997 ad that Apple ran called Think Different:


After watching it, do you agree that Steve is one of the crazy ones who changed the world?

Chris Marriott