Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for the tenth episode of Preemptive Multi-Talking. In this edition, we cover Apple's stock in 2015; The bizarre valuations of the big tech firms; Expecting new products to be fully evolved and polished at birth; Forbes clickbait; AI powered chat bots; Google's pot calling AVG's kettle black; A kinder, gentler (and unusable) killer robot; Microsoft stealing the keys to your kingdom; Windows 10 harvesting user analytics; Toyota thinks it can make a better interface than Apple or Google; Suing Apple because your 5-year-old phone is slow; BlackBerry cutting the price of the Priv; Shock and horror over the CRTC's inability to regulate video streaming; 3D printed ceramics; The Falcon 9 touches down and; Trying to make Bluetooth suck less. See the list of topics and links below for more in-depth reading. This week, we’re serving Ballantine's because after EVEN MORE extensive research, it's still the best, cheapest whiskey you can buy.

• What on Earth is going on with Apple's stock? Six Reasons Apple Closed 2015 With a Whimper via Fortune

• Amazon is worth 80 Apples?! Apple's Bizarre Valuation: Something's Got to Give via Fortune

• Tech journalists have the shortest of memories: 2015: Apple's year in beta via The Verge

• Straw Men and inventing history: Asking Apple To Do The Impossible via Techpinions

• Maybe you shouldn't be taking tech advice from Forbes contributors: Is Wileyfox Swift 2015's Best Budget Smartphone? via Forbes

• Dismantling the last bastion of well paid unskilled labour: Google rumored to be working on Siri & Facebook-like chatbots for new messaging app via AppleInsider

• The pot calling the kettle black: Google slams AVG for exposing Chrome user data via Ars Technica

• Another multi-billion-dollar Google blunder: US military says robotic pack mules are too noisy to use via The Verge

• Microsoft stealing the keys to your kingdom: Windows 10 covertly sends your disk-encryption keys to Microsoft via Boing Boing

• We're not spying on you. Trust us: Microsoft shows off just how much data it’s collecting from Windows 10 users via BGR

• Toyota on the wrong side of history: Toyota to Adopt Ford’s Entertainment Software to Fend Off Google, Apple via re/code

• What to do if your 5-year-old technology feels sluggish: iPhone 4S owners file suit against Apple, claim iOS 9 made phones unbearably slow via TechSpot

• What to do if your 2-month-old technology isn't selling: BlackBerry Priv gets price cut in Canada via BCNSTAR

• The CRTC doesn't understand Internet streaming, VPNs, or Canadians for that matter: A truly Canadian problem: Who do I complain to about Netflix? via CBC

• A revolution in material sciences: 3-D Printed Ceramics Could Build Next-Gen Spaceships via Discovery News

• The ride of your life just got cheaper: SpaceX Makes History: Falcon 9 Launches, Lands Vertically via NBC News

• Making Bluetooth suck less: The Cassia Hub can control up to 22 Bluetooth devices and boosts Bluetooth range up to 1000 feet via TechHives

Chris Marriott