Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for the twelfth episode of Preemptive Multi-Talking. In this edition, we cover Apple earnings madness, 1-billion active devices in the Apple ecosystem, Google killing another service, ad blockers fixing a broken web, Microsoft bringing their Windows Phone keyboard to iOS, another Android security fail, Mediatek backdoor exploitation, the NSA defending strong encryption for consumers, RBC brutalizing their client's privacy, long distance wireless charging, the death of Windows phone, Xiaomi does a keynote, Facebook killing Parse, and Facebook's business model showing its ugly side. This week, we’re serving Ballantine's because after EVEN MORE extensive research, it's still the best, cheapest whiskey you can buy.

• Apple quarterly earnings madness: Apple sells 74.8M iPhones, rakes in $75.9B in revenue in company's biggest quarter ever via AppleInsider

• Walled garden? Nope. It's a rainforest: Apple reaches global install base of more than 1B active devices via AppleInsider

• Another day, another Googled service killed off: My Tracks no longer available after April 30, 2016 via Google

• Google doesn't want to hangout with us anymore: After Spending YEARS Propping up Hangouts, Android is Dumping It via BuzzFlavor

• The Google Graveyard: Google products are just dying to get in via WordStream

• Ad blockers will fix a browser you didn't know was broken: How much more bandwidth, memory, and CPU would it have taken to load this page? Online advertising is broken. via Twitter

• Microsoft keyboard coming to iOS soon: This is Microsoft’s iPhone keyboard via The Verge

• Android users don't take security seriously: Nearly third of owners don't use a lockscreen passcode via ZDNet

• If it has a Mediatek logo, don't buy it: Software Bug Leaves Several MediaTek-Powered Android Devices Vulnerable to Attack via Gadgets360

• Admiral Mike Rogers is the second NSA director to defend strong encryption in as many months: NSA Director actually says backdoors are a bad idea via Digital Trends

• RBC takes a dump on their clients' privacy: RBC sends wrong RRSP info, including names and SINs, to approximately 500 customers via CBC

• Wireless charging coming to your iPhone? Apple could bring long-distance wireless charging to iPhone, iPad as soon as 2017 via AppleInsider

• Well, duh: Windows Phone is dead. Was it ever alive? via The Verge

• Xioami doing a keynote: Xiaomi Will Showcase Mi 5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona via MIUI

• Facebook kills Parse, screws developers: Facebook Shutters Its Developer Platform, Parse via re/code

• Facebook wants WhatsApp data, surprises nobody: WhatsApp to begin sharing your data with Facebook via Cult of Android

Chris Marriott