Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for the ninth episode of Preemptive Multi-Talking. In this edition, we cover Star Wars -again; Wall Street's manipulation of Apple stock; The Swiss watch industry takes a dive; British Airways catering to the Apple Watch; losing your data when your computer is repaired; hackers stealing chat logs and photos of hundreds of thousands of children; Top 500 Android apps siphoning massive amounts of personal data; Blackberry out of Pakistan; Blackberry on the wrong side of history; Windows replacing Android on cheap phones; the hot mess of Android software updates; LiFi and; Apple's new iPhone battery case. See the list of topics and links below for more in-depth reading. This week, we’re serving Batch 1904 from Brickworks Ciderhouse in Toronto. It's a tasty, dry cider that goes down smooth.

• Star Wars The Force Awakens: T-minus 24 hours or less via Apple Movie Trailers

• Distorting Apple news, Wall Street-style: Wall St only misjudged the Apple Watch by 97% via Ken Segall

• Blatant Apple Stock manipulation: Enough click-bait will keep a good stock down for the ride back up via AppleInsider

• Swiss watch industry takes a dive: Swiss watch exports suffer largest decline in 6 years following Apple Watch launch via AppleInsider

• Apple Watch creating an IoT ecosystem: Citing rapid Apple Watch adoption, British Airways to launch wrist-friendly ticket scanners via AppleInsider

• Lose your photos? Apparently, that’s Apple’s fault.: Apple pays damages over lost honeymoon photos via ValueWalk

• Hacking 5 million parents and 200,000 children: Hacker obtained children's headshots and chatlogs from toymaker VTech via

• MIT discovers half of top Android apps stealing data: Half of data connections by top 500 Android apps are 'covert' with no effect on user experience via AppleInsider

• BlackBerry pulls out of Pakistan: BlackBerry pulls out of Pakistan in response to that government's continued demand to monitor user data via TechCrunch

• John Chen tells us how clueless he is about encryption: BlackBerry's CEO takes time from his busy schedule saving the company to take a swipe at Apple via INSIDE BlackBerry

• Windows 10 Mobile instead of Android on Xiaomi phones: Is Microsoft making a play to dislodge Android? via Apple Insider

• The truth about Android operating system updates: Rube Goldberg would be proud via HTC

• Li-Fi has just been tested in the real world, and it's 100 times faster than Wi-Fi: Don't blink or you'll miss it via Science alert

• Yes. Apple is making an iPhone battery case. And it's good: The Curious Case of the Curious Case via Daring Fireball

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