Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for our 60 Scary Minutes edition. This week we cover the Burr-Feinstein bill trying to legislate back doors, 60 Minutes hacks SS7, big news from Blackberry, the RCMP using Blackberry's global decryption key, rumoured advancements in CPU fabrication, new Apple MacBooks, MacBook Airs, the new HTC 10, and the EU going after Google for unfair competition.

• Burr-Feinstein bill tries to legislate back doors: Dumb, Delusional Senate Encryption Bill. Or Clever. via Monday Note

• 60 Minutes sorta scares the crap out of people: 60 Minutes - Hacking Your Phone via 60 Minutes

• That's all folks: BlackBerry kills BB10, will work on mid-range Android phones instead via Twitter

• Blackberry + RCMP Sittin' in a tree: Canadian Police Obtained BlackBerry’s Global Decryption Key via Reuters

• Apple Watch 2.0: 2016 Apple Watch will be internal 's' upgrade, major design changes to wait until 2017, insider says via Apple Insider

• 7 billionths of a meter: Apple chip supplier TSMC says 7nm tech entering mass production in first half of 2018 via Apple Insider

• New MacBook: LG G5 review - Less than the sum of its parts via Apple Insider

• New MacBook Air and the end of Tick-Tock: Google is said to be considering Swift as a first class language for Android via The Next Web

• Is this HTC's last hurrah? HTC 10 Review via Android Authority

• The EU has Google in its sights: EU competition chief set to charge Google with Android abuse: sources via Reuters

Chris Marriott