Welcome to Pre-emptive Multi-Talking, the podcast where your hosts Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell translate clickbait and FUD into objective (well, mostly), informed opinion on the latest news and trends in tech.

This week we cover Apple Pay in Canada, Apple Watch 2, the FISA court's year of the rubber stamp, Creative stifling creativity, Intel cutting 11% of its workforce, Apple's 40% profit share of the top 150 companies in Silicon Valley, Apple's $1 billion investment in Chinese ride sharing, the Allwinner hack, and a preview of next week's focus on Google's anti-trust woes.

• Apple Pay in Canada: The most secure, private, fastest, and coolest way to pay for things via Apple Insider

• Apple Watch 2: Apple Watch 2 expected to feature cellular connectivity, faster 'S2' chip via Apple Insider

• FISA's year of the rubber stamp: Secret US spy court approved every surveillance request in 2015 via Ars Technica

• What is creative will never die: Creative goes full troll via BGR

• A broad patent, to say the least: Creative's complaint to the USITC via USTIC

• Intel cuts 11% of its workforce, abandons mobile: Intel Culture just ate 12,000 Jobs via Monday Note

• The most undervalued company ever? Apple by itself earns +40% of the profits of Silicon Valley's top 150 companies via Apple Insider

• Pocket change: Apple's Didi investment is surprising but good use of massive $233B cash hoard, analyst says via Apple Insider

• The Allwinner hack detailed: This is what a root debug backdoor in a Linux kernel looks like via The Register

• Some context for next week's episode: Google facing potential $3 billion fine for anti-trust - fudging shopping search results Ars Technica

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