Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for what is rapidly becoming the most important debate about privacy, personal freedoms, free speech, and whether we in the West have a right to strong encryption. The FBI vs. Apple has implications for the whole world. It could be the most important debate on privacy and free speech of the 21st century. We hope this episode helps you better understand what is really going on and where this is headed.

• The FBI is incompetent, lying, or both: On FBI’s Interference with iCloud Backups via Zdziarski's Blog of Things

• The anti-Apple play: Justice Department Calls Apple's Privacy Case Stance a 'Marketing Strategy' via MacRumors

• The slope is polished, waxed, and greased: Justice Department Wants Apple to Extract Data From 12 Other iPhones via MacRumors

• The slope is polished, waxed, and greased: In new court filing, Apple cites 9 other cases in which FBI asserted the All Writs Act via AppleInsider

• How Apple will fight the DOJ in iPhone backdoor crypto case: US government's position stands or falls on the All Writs Act of 1789 via Ars Technica

• Privacy and security is not a marketing strategy, it is a belief: The Tim Cook Legacy via Above Avalon

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Chris Marriott