Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for our Pinocchio edition. We start off with the FBI telling a bold faced lie to avoid scandalous embarrassment along with President Obama's charm offensive on privacy and free speech - despite his credentials as a constitutional lawyer. The FBI vs. Apple saga is still the most important issue in tech right now, but we also dive into some of the latest headlines in our industry.

• The UN got in on the fun too: U.N. backs Apple, calls encryption fundamental to freedom via Cult of Mac

• Liar, liar - pants on fire: DoJ Discovers 'Possible Method' for Unlocking iPhone, Asks Court to Delay Tuesday Hearing With Apple via MacRumors

• Apple engineers will take their ball and go home: Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist via The New York Times

• Obama, what you doing dude? Apple vs. FBI: What Was Obama Thinking at SXSW? via Fortune

• Why not help, NSA? Why the NSA is staying out of Apple's fight with the FBI via The Verge

• Smaller is better: Apple iPhone SE event: the nine most important announcements via The Verge

• John Oliver nails it: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Encryption via YouTube

• 9.3 Update to fix flaw and nightshift impressions: Apple releases iOS 9.3, with fix for a big iMessage security flaw via Boing Boing

• Is Apple taking GPU design in-house? Apple in advanced talks to acquire Imagination Technologies for PowerVR GPU via Ars Technica

• Gone Phishing: Man To Plead Guilty In Massive Fappening Celeb Nude Hack via Buzz Feed

• CBC commenting and losing faith in humanity: CBC announces end to anonymous online comments via CBC

• And here we thought this was your job, CRTC: CRTC flooded with complaints about new $25 skinny basic TV package via CBC

Chris Marriott