Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for the seventh episode of Preemptive Multi-Talking. In this edition, we are covering Apple Pay in Canada; The Netflix Affect; Apple's new iPad Pro and its A9X CPU; how Apple's custom silicon is a threat to Intel PCs; the bifurcation of the smartphone market; an Apple Car; Apple Core Rot; the successful over-the-air jailbreak for iOS 9; the failure of Microsoft's Surface; digital privacy and encryption and; the Blackberry Priv. See the list of topics and links below for more in-depth reading. This week, we’re serving Ballantine's because after an extensive survey of bars everywhere, it's still the best, cheapest whiskey you can buy.

• Apple Pay launches in Canada: Apple Pay is now available in Canada exclusively for American Express customers via Macrumors

• The Netflix Affect: traditional TV advertising re-thinking its strategy via Business Insider

• The Apple Car: How making automobiles is and isn't profitable via Horace Dediu

• Apple's insurmountable platform lead: CPU design via Steve Cheney

• Apple custom silicon is a threat to the Intel PC: Intel and the rest of the industry is living on borrowed time via Chris Marriott

• Cutting off the air supply: Apple now inhaling 94 percent of global smartphone profits via AppleInsider

• Apple Core Rot: The worrisome decline of OS X quality and integrity. via Mac Performance Guide

• Apple Core Rot: Because Apple decided to fix what wasn't broken via lifehacker

• One M I L L I O N dollars: Team claims $1 million bounty for remotely jailbreaking iOS 9.1 and 9.2 via AppleInsider

• The failure of Windows: Trying to reanimate a corpse in the form of hybrid tablets via AppleInsider

• Courtroom smack-down: bug Judge draws parallels between iPhone search request and lethal injection drugs via AppleInsider

• Making the same mistake twice: Blackberry again chasing the consumer down the rabbit hole via Ars Technica

Chris Marriott