Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for the fourth episode of Preemptive Multi-Talking. In this edition, we are covering Android Wear, Google’s new OnHub, Apple’s September 9th keynote, new iPhones, new iPads, a new Apple TV, and self driving cars. See the list of topics and links below for more in-depth reading. This week, we’re again serving Bulwark Blush, an apple and wild berry cider made here in Nova Scotia that we endearingly call “ghetto Champagne"

• Android Wear on iPhone: First Look at Android Wear on iOS- Music Controls, Notifications, and Google Apps via Ricky Fox Tek on YouTube

• Google OnHub: Google OnHub review—Google’s smart home Trojan horse is a $200 leap of faith via ars technica

• iPhone hits 44.2% market share in the US: iPhone Continues to Increase Lead in U.S. Smartphone Market Share Ahead of ‘iPhone 6s’ Debut via MacRumors

• iPad Pro: iPad Pro - Apple’s larger-screened iPad, coming in late 2015 via MacRumors

• 62% of streaming TV already happening on Apple TV: Survey: 61.9% of streamed pay TV is viewed on Apple devices via Fortune

• Is Apple going to war with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo? Apple launches new gaming-centric Twitter account ahead of expected Apple TV refresh via AppleInsider

• Siri on Apple TV: Apple’s risky bet on voice-driven television via Fortune

• Apple TV platform before content? Apple Is About To Lay Down Its TV Cards via TechCrunch

• Self driving cars: Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers via The New York Times

Chris Marriott