Apple announced a media event for September 9th, most likely to introduce the iPhone 6 alongside new iPads. There’s also more and more evidence that Apple will release its long rumoured iWatch.

I think that’s exactly what Apple’s going to do, but the iWatch isn’t going to be much like people imagine it.

It’s not going to be a watch. It’s not going to be an iPhone-like device that overlaps the functionality of other iOS devices like the iPad and iPod Touch.

I think the iWatch is going to be a sexy, and very sophisticated biometrics sensing device. I think its focus is health and fitness and its goal will be to revolutionize your personal health. It’ll likely be integrated into iCloud and will ultimately lead to the sharing of your health data with health care providers and professionals.

In preparation for Apple’s September 9th event, a temporary structure is being constructed, and I think it’s so they can demo the iWatch, likely with some professional athletes and celebrities on hand. If the press is lucky, this structure might be designed for them to even try it out.

Temporary building for Apple September 9 event.  Source: AppleInsider

Temporary building for Apple September 9 event. Source: AppleInsider

If rumours are true, the iWatch is the last product Steve Jobs worked on before he died. If so, my money is on an Apple product [ecosystem] that revolutionizes healthcare. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on September 9th.

Chris Marriott