Torusoft has partnered with Bridgeway Academy and Turning Tides to offer the attendees, speakers and organizers of Emergent Learning 2013 an unparalleled conference experience this April.

Last year, hundreds of educators, administrators and stakeholders from across Atlantic Canada travelled to Halifax for Turning Tides' inaugural Emergent Learning conference, with headliners such as Sir Ken Robinson, Bill Strickland and Angus MacBeath.

As participants in Emergent Learning last year, we found ourselves among a diverse crowd of educators, politicians, civil servants, professors, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, entrepreneurs, volunteers and private sector stakeholders from Atlantic Canada and beyond. It's truly rare to see such diversity in one place, focused around a single cause as important as education. Last year's conference was the spark around which hundreds of people gathered to talk about teaching and learning.

This year, we decided to help fan the flames.

Torusoft sponsored Emergent Learning 2013 by developing a robust platform to enhance the experience for all participants. Abstracts can be submitted online. Planners and judges can evaluate proposals collaboratively. Speakers can manage and promote their own presentation details. Attendees can view the conference program, schedule and website comfortably from mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, and personalize their itineraries from any device.

It's our hope that, through the comprehensive set of tools we've provided, Emergent Learning 2013 will attract and inspire even more attendees, and extend its message to a wider audience. We invite you to visit the website, submit your ideas for presentations, and participate in the conference -- both in person and online.

Emergent Learning sparks discussions about education among groups that seldom exchange perspectives, insights and ideas. We hope you'll join us in supporting - and celebrating - such a worthwhile endeavour.

Hope to see you at the conference,

Ari Najarian & Chris Marriott