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    For Chris, working with technology is not a job. It's a lifelong passion. He started out as a teenager working in an Apple retail store, and moved up to an Apple systems engineer & technical sales engineer, network administrator, web and database developer before founding Torusoft 4 years ago.

    As CEO, he oversees Torusoft's I.T. consulting services, and acts as the first and last point of contact for many clients. His passion for streamlining business processes gets him up in the morning, and seeing technology improving customers' lives is what keeps him going.

    Jobelle Velasco

    Front-end Developer

    Jobelle moved from the Philippines to Halifax 5 years ago to study IT and web development at Nova Scotia Community College. She started at Torusoft as a student intern with limited practical knowledge and experience.Three years later, Jobelle has amassed an impressive, ever-expanding set of design, layout and coding skills, and has become an indispensable part of every mobile web project.

    Mike Lovell

    Support Consultant

    Mike graduated from Memorial University with a degree in Computer Science, but his interest in technology and fixing problems has been with him since a young age. Always the problem solver, Mike has operated a business repairing technology issues since he was a teenager. Mike has worked in several corporate IT positions before starting his own IT consulting business in Halifax. Alongside repairs and consulting, Mike works as a Support Tech with Torusoft helping them bring Fixed Cost Computing to the masses.

    Ari Najarian


    Ari wrote his first computer game in Grade 8, and has been fascinated by technology ever since. His appreciation of good design compelled him to make the switch to Apple products several years ago. Before founding Torusoft, Ari sought to share his passion for technology in the classroom, working as a high school I.T. teacher in New Brunswick.

    As co-founder of Torusoft, he oversees web and app development projects, striving to create the best possible user experiences. He also develops and delivers Torusoft's training programs for Macs, iPhones and iPads in the workplace, to help empower clients with the same tools that empower him.

    Harley Business Dog

    Chief Morale Officer

    Business Dog's rise through Torusoft's Byzantine corporate bureaucracy from mere puppy to Chief Morale Officer in just five years is truly impressive.  The burden placed upon the Chief Morale Officer's shoulders would give Atlas paws.  Some say Harley's ability to keep staff morale at high levels, despite the draconian policies enforced by Torusoft's Evil Overlord, is a true gift.  He may be the most valuable member of Torusoft's executive team.

    Jeff Turner

    Support Consultant

    Jeff is a self-defined nerd who has been hooked on all things tech for as long as he can remember. At age 14, he successfully ported Mac OS X to his PC and made it fully functional. This was the start to being immersed in all things Apple, and he has never looked back. Jeff first came to Torusoft for a ninth-grade “Take a Student to Work” project. Throughout high school, he would periodically assist with projects in the office and has always enjoyed hanging out and expanding upon his interest and knowledge of the IT world. Jeff is now working towards a diploma in IT with a focus on Networking and Systems Management. He enjoys working in the IT industry and continues to enhance his knowledge of computer systems and functions so that he can share his expertise in assisting clients and finding solutions to any issues that may arise.