Torusoft is proud to support and sponsor the Convoy Cup Foundation.

For 12 years the Convoy Cup Foundation has had a commemorative sailing regatta which alternates between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Risor, Norway. While a local event, it is supported by the Canadian and Norwegian governments and attended by veterans, military officials, politicians and dignitaries from around the world.

The 12th Annual Convoy Cup will take place in Halifax on September 11-12.

The Convoy Cup Foundation recognizes and honours the veterans who served in the convoys during the Second World War and supports veterans of more recent international conflicts by contributing to re-integration programs, PTSD support programs, sailor's monuments and war museums.

As part of its support to the Foundation Torusoft is contributing a new website, a refreshed brand, and an ambitious fundraising campaign which is focused on telling the stories of historic convoy vessels.

"With a renewed online presence, the Foundation can continue teaching a part of Halifax' history that's slowly becoming lost. Halifax was a lifeline to an entire continent, but few people today realize that the Second World War couldn't have been won without this city." - Chris Marriott, CEO, Torusoft.

We encourage owners of recreational boats to consider participating in the sailpast. Every participant enables the Foundation to tell another story of courage, determination and sacrifice on an ocean fraught with peril and uncertainty.

We also ask local businesses to consider an in-kind sponsorship, or a monetary donation commemorating an historic vessel. The donations received by the Foundation enable it to fund its current programs, which focus on supporting veterans, commemorating their sacrifices, and perpetuating their memory by educating future generations. Your contributions will also fund the annual Peace Prize, awarded to a charitable organization that provides meaningful support to veterans.

We ask you to join us in supporting this worthy cause and to help raise the Foundation's profile both locally and internationally.

Ari Najarian & Chris Marriott