Halifax, Nova Scotia


Monday, 16 September, 2013 – After years of serving businesses in the Maritimes, two local technology companies, Robotnik and Torusoft, have pioneered a revolutionary way to deliver and manage business IT systems.

Fixed Cost Computing is an innovative response to the rapidly changing technology landscape. In the past five years, mobile technology has reshaped the way people work, and cloud-based services have changed the way businesses connect, share and collaborate. Fixed Cost Computing brings these trends together, by putting the best hardware, software, support, and cloud services to work for your business.

There are no up-front costs, no capital purchases, and no surprise bills for support or service. Our cloud infrastructure is hosted and backed up here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Fixed Cost Computing is available for a low, monthly fee per device, making it scalable and predictable. Customers know exactly what IT will cost from month to month.

“We’ve gained valuable experience serving the needs of over 100 unique businesses in this province. Together, we’ve identified the common IT problems - things like hardware failure, server downtime, data loss, financial risk, budgetary uncertainty, poor planning, and so on. Fixed Cost Computing sets the conditions to eliminate these problems altogether.” - Tomek Obirek, Founder, Robotnik.com

The price calculator at fixedcost.ca/pricing lets any business easily figure out what their monthly fixed cost will be and share a quotation with others.

Most businesses regard IT as a liability. Fixed Cost Computing turns IT into an asset that costs less, works better, and increases productivity. It’s s superior way of delivering IT solutions in an era dominated by mobile devices and computers that just work.

By capitalizing on both company’s strengths, Robotnik and Torusoft are offering a complete end-to-end solution that redefines what IT means to the average business. No longer do businesses have to break the bank to afford the kind of IT systems that actually improve their bottom lines.

Fixed Cost Computing delivers a new vision for business IT, available today.

About Robotnik.com

Robotnik.com has been servicing the Maritimes since 1998. We have two (2) retail locations for our customers' convenience - Bayer's Lake, Halifax, and Main St. Antigonish. We strive to offer our clients a complete package. In addition to our retail outlets, we ship direct to your door across Canada, via our web store, with our primary focus on the Maritime Provinces.

We offer authorized sales and service of both Lenovo PC and Apple products, as well as other top tier manufacturers.

We specialize in helping businesses run efficiently through our tailored preventative Maintenance Service Agreements.

We believe in having one on one relationships with our clients and will gladly customize a Robotnik system just for you. All of our technicians are certified and experts in their fields.

About Torusoft

Torusoft is an IT consulting and mobile software company based in Halifax.

Our passion is developing top-notch software and delivering superior IT solutions for the mobile workforce, as it enters an era of appliance computing.

Torusoft operates local cloud computing infrastructure that hosts critical data, provides device management, and collaboration tools for business customers across the Maritimes.

Core areas of our expertise include web and app design, programming, database development, IT consulting, server & network management, Apple Macintosh training, iOS training, and our iOS device deployment platform called Torusoft Backstage.

We have experience servicing a variety of customers and sectors including film and television, non-profits, mobile carriers, government, education and national defense.