Hello, Podcamp 2014 goers!

So, I've been doing a lot of development over the past 2 years on Apache CouchDB and its related technology stacks. In the past year, I've seen the project shift its focus heavily to facilitating offline-capable applications. In fact, the 'offline-first' movement can be traced to collaborations between various veteran CouchDB developers.
I would hazard it began with this post, which gave birth to: offlinefirst.org.

Offline-first development is an idea whose implications I find very exciting. It's something that very few people are doing on the web, because it's difficult to do well. But, it's something I believe the web needs more of. So, I was wondering whether a talk about offline-first web app design would be appropriate for Podcamp.

Here's a tentative outline:

  • Overview of the problem
  • Examples of apps that solve it well
  • Technologies that facilitate offline-first
  • Offline-first demo application*
  • Q & A, discussion

* open-sourced, documented code, naturally.

It's sometimes difficult to tell if topics and audiences line up, so I wrote this post to gauge interest. If you'd like to see something about offline-first development at Podcamp, shoot me a quick message, or just favourite the tweet below:

Hope to be sharing with you all in January.

Ari Najarian