Guess you won't be needing these anymore...




Google Drive






Google Calendar


MS Exchange




Yahoo! Mail

You can ditch these expenses too:
  • Microsoft Exchange licensing fees(!!)
  • Pretty much all your server hardware
  • Server maintenance & upgrade costs
  • Software licensing and per-seat licensing costs
  • Expensive internet connections & static IPs
  • Offsite backup infrastructure & storage fees
Everything you see here is replaced by

What happens behind the scenes when you go Backstage

Most I.T. systems grow organically. Over time, “one decision after another” leads to a tangled mess of hardware and cloud services. Once these systems are in place, they’re difficult to change, let alone scale.

Migrating to Backstage will bring predictable costs and systematic growth to your I.T. systems. Your data and cloud services are consolidated, and your infrastructure is scalable. Here’s how we get you there:

We perform an assessment and prepare a migration plan.

Our IT staff work with you to determine which Backstage plan is the best fit for your organization. We help you decide what data you want to capture to ensure nothing gets missed during the process. Our staff work with you to determine which users and groups are sharing calendars, delegating email, and who has access to your shared file server.

By mapping out the details of your organization, we ensure that all of your data gets accounted for. When you migrate to Backstage, you should expect to find your email, calendars, contacts, reminders, and files where you left them. We build a plan that works for you and your schedule in order to get the job done quickly and with as little disruption as possible.

We arrive on location and copy your data by hand. (No, really.)

When we migrate your data, we make sure everything is accounted for. In order to do that, our staff physically copy your data and migrate it personally. We don't rely on automated tools because experience has shown how unreliable then can be. Real people - real experts come to your environment and work with you to understand your setup and where you data lives.

Once our staff have your data, they either physically transport it to our data centre, or upload it using a very high speed Internet connection. By doing things physically and in person, uploading your data takes hours. With many of our competitors, uploading your data can take days. We know how busy you are and how waiting that long isn’t an option.

We load your data into our data centre over the weekend.

Pick a Friday -any Friday. We begin your migration on a Friday afternoon, copy your data, modify your DNS, migrate your data to our servers, and configure your devices. All according to a carefully organized plan customized to you organization. Then, when Monday rolls around, you can expect to find your work environment just where you left it, with no downtime.

When it comes to migrating your data and configuring your devices for Backstage, you can just sit back and relax. We handle it all. We understand downtime costs money regardless of what you do or where you work. So we ensure you don’t have to suffer any. Our It professionals handle every aspect of the migration so you don’t have to.

We test each account and verify the intergrity of your data.

You know how we use actual people to migrate your data? Same goes for physically testing your account and making sure everything is where you expect to find it. Because our IT professionals take the time to understand your environment, they know whether or not something is missing. When you get your devices configured, rest assured your data is there.

It takes time to physically ensure your account works and that your data is accounted for. But it’s worth it. Doing it our way ensures you avoid the disruption that so often comes with switching to new IT platforms. But hey, don’t take our word for how good our process is. Just ask one of the hundreds and thousands of account holders we’ve migrated.

We configure all your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices remotely.

When it comes to configuring your devices and getting your apps set up for Backstage, we literally do it while you’re sleeping. Our IT professionals use a variety of remote desktop and enrolment tools to configure your devices so you don't have to. In most cases, setting up Backstage takes just a few minutes which means we can work with just about any busy schedule.

When you migrate to Backstage, you’re not saddled with learning how to set it up. Seriously, unless you’re getting paid to, who has time for that? If you want to know how Backstage is set up and how to configure a device, that’s no problem. But configuring Backstage is pretty darn simple. And we’re proud of that being the easiest part of our jobs.

You arrive back at work on Monday, never missing a beat.

When you leave your data in our hands, expect it to be right where you left it when you’re back at work Monday. The only difference is that now, your data is automatically in sync and protected with Backstage. Whether you’re on PC or Mac… iPhone, or Android… Outlook or Mail… your email, calendars, tasks, contacts, and files will be there, working just as you expect.

During the migration, we also take the time to configure any sharing or delegation of email, calendars, tasks, and files. We make it easy to get your team up and running and sharing resources back and forth. Having your data in place is reassuring. But having Backstage setup and ready to go before you get to work on Monday is empowering.

It all starts with a phone call.

Switching cloud providers is a significant undertaking.

We believe humans - not automated tools - should help plan and carry out your migration. Our team knows which questions to ask, how to play nicely with your IT department, and what methods work best.

So, we're going to want to talk with you at some point. We hope you'll want to talk to us, too.

Check out our pricing page

Once you're convinced Backstage will save you money, get in touch with us to take the next step. If we don't reply within 15 minutes to schedule a phone call, we'll even send you a free mug.