Features & benefits:

Secure Device Management

Your staff own the same phones, tablets & laptops your business uses.


By allowing staff to bring their own devices to work, organizations can significantly reduce their IT costs.

But there's a catch: Unless you're managing those B.Y.O.D. devices, you can't guarantee your data is being accessed securely, and that it's safe from theft or loss. Backstage lets you enforce security polices on consumer devices, providing a lyer of security that doesn't get in the way of personal use.

What does Backstage Device Management Cost?

Backstage Device Management is only $150 per month!
That's it. There's no per-user licensing cost. There's no device licensing cost.

Just a flat fee for all your devices every month. When your organization grows, you don't need to worry about incurring additional costs for new devices.

Backstage offers enterprise-grade secure device management for a cost that's unbeatable compared to doing it ourself, or going with any of the big cloud providers. At such a low rate, why not secure your communications, take control of your devices, and protect your data?

Protect your business from lost or stolen data

Our mobile devices accompany us pretty much everywhere we go. They also happen to contain a staggering amount of data that should be kept private. And not just corporate data. The reality is that if our phones and tablets find their way into the wrong hands, the private information that can be harvested is a serious liability.

As our devices become more powerful and capable with every upgrade, the question of data security needs to be answered. Backstage gives you options to deal with lost or stolen mobile devices and ensure your data is safe.

Remote lock and wipe devices

Enrolling your devices with Backstage means you can easily and securely protect your data from loss or theft, by initiating a remote lock or wipe of any device. This happens over the air and can't be stopped by anyone who possesses the device.

Backstage provides you with an instant, uncrackable solution to remotely lock or wipe a device that's been lost or stolen.

It also fully supports Passcode Lock, which was introduced in iOS 7. This means that if you wipe a stolen device, it can't be activated without your code, making it worthless to thieves.

Take control of your mobile devices

Enrolling devices with Backstage menas you can manage a customizable security policy for your organization, that gets pushed out over the air without bothering your users.

But Backstage goes far beyond setting security policies. Depending on your needs, Backstage allows you to take deep, fine-grained control of what can and can't happen on any device. Just about any feature or function of you iPhone or iPad can be restricted or allowed. And because security policies and settings can be assigned to devices, users, or groups of users, you can ensure the right settings are applied to the right people.

If you work in any number of information-sensitive sectors, including law, finance, education, product development, scientific research, or government (to name a few), Backstage offers the most powerful and cost effective solutions for managing your devices and securing your data.

Did we mention that security, settings, and updates happen over the air - in the background - without interrupting individual users?

One-touch configuration over-the-air

It takes under 2 minutes to enroll a device with Backstage.

  1. Point your device's web browser to: backstage.yourorganization.com/mydevices
  2. Log in with your username & password
  3. Touch the big blue Enroll button

It's so simple that even the most novice user can handle it.

Updates Made Easy

Your mobile devices travel with your people. Most of us can't go for very long without them without taking a productivity hit.

Requiring your team to hand over their devices for upgrades and setting changes can be a nightmare. With Backstage, you can push any settings changes over the air at any time. It all happens in the background and doesn't interrupt or require interaction from the user at all. Imagine being able to update your devices no matter where they were, any time you needed.

Backstage makes it easy.

Install app store purchases remotely!

One of the best new features introduced in iOS 7 was the ability to enroll your devices with Apple's app volume purchase program. Apple's app VPP allows you to buy apps in bulk, and distribute them to your users via redemption codes. This cleans up what otherwise a big mess when it comes to buying and deploying 3rd part apps in enterprise.

Backstage allows you to distribute App Store apps over the air and install them right on a user's device, all in the background. With Backstage and Apple's VPP, your organization can retain ownership of your purchased apps and avoid the complexities of tracking personal Apple IDs and reimbursing personal app purchases.

Your device will always work

There’s more to device management than security and data protection. Consider this: your can manage the most important settings on your devices, so your team members don’t have to!

Backstage allows you to manage settings for mail, calendars, contacts, backups, and over-the-air syncing with the cloud, and lock these settings in place. This means that critical apps will always work on your devices, no matter what the user tries to do.

When you manage your devices with Backstage, you take control of the most important settings for things like mail, calendars, contacts, files, and syncing. Because settings on your devices can only be changed from the Backstage server,your devices always just work.

The Results in reduced support costs

Once your devices are enrolled with Backstage, user can't change the settings your prescribe on the Backstage server. Backstage doesn't just reduce support costs by taking the user out of the equation, it can dramatically reduce the downtime and keep your mobile devices connected and functioning properly.

The Good kind of Restrictions

Backstage allows you to restrict access to the web, your device's camera, FaceTime, the iTunes store, in-app purchaes, Siri, AirDrop, CarPlay, and prevent the installation and deletion of apps. Backstage allows you to limit access to unsafe-for-work-or-school content and restrict access to adult websites. We also enable you to restrict access to location services, as well as photo sharing, Bluetooth sharing, and access to Twitter and Facebook. Backstage lets you fine-tune a truly exhaustive list of device restrictions.

For a complete guide to device restrictions, please click here.
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