Features & benefits:

Hosted In Canada

Come back with a warrant

100% Hosted (And Backed-Up)
North of the 49th Parallel

Privacy is hard to come by nowadays. If you want to keep your corporate data private, there are very few hosting providers left that you can trust.

American companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Dropbox all want you to store your emails and files with them. But these companies are complicit in providing the U.S. government with unfettered access to their customers' data.

Some (i.e. Google) even track your employees' behaviour and analyze your corporate data in order to sell you advertising.

This sucks.

If your data sits on American servers, it's not private.

Backstage guarantees you a level of privacy that U.S. companies simply cannot. Your data and its backups are all stored in a Canadian facility, subject to Canadian privacy laws, and sandboxed in their own virtual server. Your emails, contacts, calendars, files and mobile device backups are all encrypted before they cross into the United States, denying access to anybody listening in on the wire.

True privacy lies north of the 49th.

Our privacy policy isn't a moving target

Remember when Google changed its privacy policies so it could track you across all of its services, regardless of when you were signed in? How about when Microsoft was caught red-handed snooping through private emails without a warrant.

Privacy policies should exist for one reason and one reason only: to safeguard your data. Sadly, most privacy policies and terms of service are drafted to benefit hosting providers like Google, Microsoft or Dropbox, instead of your organization. The terms of these privacy policies are also constantly changing, leaving it up to you to determine whether you're okay with their new rules.

Backstage has a simple privacy policy:
No humans will will ever access your data without your explicit permission.
No data you generate by using Backstage will ever be made accessible to third parties.
Proposed changes will provide a clear benefit to you, and will require your explicit consent.

Encrypted before it hits the U.S.

By hosting your business data in Canada, you can rest assured that your privacy won't be compromised by secret court orders. But, that's not going to stop government surveillance in its tracks. If your data ever passes through the United States, you should assume that it's been captured, stored and analyzed.

That's why all Backstage services are encrypted before they hit the United States. By serving your email, contacts, calendars and files over SSL, we make it as difficult as possible for anybody to compromise your privacy.

Some software-as-a-service hosting provideres make their money by tracking and analyzing your behaviour, collecting "anonymized data," and selling it to advertisers and marketers. These hosting providers see their customers as a source of free labour, producing data to help others spam more effectively.

This is not our business model.

Our most valuable asset is our relationship with you.

We're not going to screw that up for a quick buck.