Features & benefits:

Exchange Without The Extortion

If you're not an IT company, why are you hosting your own Exchange Server?

Backstage provides you with enterprise-class collaboration and management tools that, until now, have been unaffordable for most organizations.

Putting the proper infrastructure in place to give you the accessibility, redundancy, and flexibility of Backstage is an endeavour most organizations simply can’t justify.

But when you sign up for Backstage, you’re taking whatever servers you have on premises and making them someone else’s problem. And so you should! Ensuring your organization can communicate, share, and collaborate - while being secure and redundant - is an expensive feat to do on your own.

We believe in an open Internet: when you pay for a service online, you should be able to access it as fast as possible. As a result, there’s no monthly limit, or overage charges for how much you upload or download. No bandwidth caps, and no throttling.

Our zero-licensing model makes it easy to manage your monthly costs. Likewise, we keep it simple when it comes to bandwidth and data. We won’t be getting in the way of you getting the most out of it.

Zero Licensing Costs

When you buy into Microsoft Exchange, you pay for licensing for every user, plus the cost of Exchange server itself, and Windows Server user licensing on top of that. Those are pretty hefty fees for a collaboration server, let alone the cost of hardware, infrastructure, and support!

With Backstage, there is no user licensing.

You pay a flat, predictable monthly fee, based on your total storage requirements.

Enjoy the Show

Designing & maintaining IT systems is our full time job.

We invest in scalable, redundant IT infrastructure so you don’t have to. You can say goodbye to all the headaches that come with maintaining a server. Backups, software updates, security patches, licensing, maintenance, and support are our problem now.

Backstage costs a fraction of what you’re paying now.

You can focus on what you do well, instead of working on or fighting with IT. Choosing Backstage means doing away with unpredictable IT costs and depreciating assets that are weighing down your books.

No Compromise on features

Backstage delivers 100% of the features of functionality you've come to expect using Outlook with an Exchange server. You can easily share or delegate your email, calendars, contacts, and resources with anyone in your organization. You can keep using the software you love, instead of learning something new or being trapped in a web browser.

Backstage lets you keep all the functionality of Outlook without the massive cost of an Exchange server to support it all.

There's no other cloud service out there that supports as many version of Outlook as Backstage does. We go all the way back to Outlook 2003 on Windows XP (!!), through to Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.

Whatever version of Outlook you've got, Backstage will work with. There's never been a more cost effective, backward compatible, full featured alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Share everything with anyone (including full-blown delegation!)

Backstage lets you share and delegate just about everything.

Whether you need to share calendar, contacts, manage a group calendar, share your inbox, or operate as a delegate for someone else, Backstage allows you to collaborate and get the full experience from Microsoft Outlook. Best of all, the Backstage web-based client gives you fully control over sharing and delegation, just like in Outlook.

ActiveSync Support for all kinds of devices

Not only do we support every version of Outlook back to 2003, Backstage also supports a truly massive number of mobile device platforms via ActiveSync, including:

  • iOS (iPhones & iPads)
  • Blackberry
  • Android devices
  • Windows Mobile